The Trimmings

by Rap X

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    Rap X- The Trimmings
    We at Rap X are committed to bring to light the most absurd rap songs we can make in an effort to shake the foundation of the genre and see what still stands. Since 2010 Scott Munro and Micah Stone have been working at the glowing edge of rap music, screaming battle cries as their red hot fists hit home to anyone with open ears and an unhardened heart.
    The trimmings is a leftovers album from their 2016 epic opus, Enter the Muscle Castle, and from their 2011 cassette, Mayor of a Ghost Town://:Albino Panthers. The songs and the ideas presented herein help the listener understand the artist in a new way that is blindingly honest, filled with songs they were not too stoked on at the time but upon review they are songs that mean more to them, songs that help further their description. This record is all the information one needs to make up one’s mind up about the surrealists Rap X.
    1)Hit the club
    We wanted to write a rap song with no beat so we made this little weirdo.
    Originally on the track list for our 2011 album, Mayor of a ghost town ://: Albino Panthers, unfortunately it was trimmed for time, twice.
    3)Bike shop
    This track was recorded in a garage with a functioning bike shop in it. The snare is a stack of old fenders.
    4)Strong survive
    This is what trying to create a song with a looming feeling of fantasy sounds like. Recorded early in the enter muscle castle years.
    Recorded at OCL studios with Paul Chirka as engineer we started with a backwards cymbal and a lot of beer and this is what we ended up with.
    6)Lost in Ostentatious
    A haunting song about a sexual predator’s bravado, the drums were made of everyday things you have lying around the house.
    7) Cap’n Chocolate Heart
    This was Micah’s guest spot for an unreleased record by Calvin Lyn (Calvindahipmonk) co-produced by Scott around 2012. Wacky stuff.
    8a) Alice 2
    We had an audacious plan to release a song named Alice on every record we published with each song a new verse. Named for Micah’s ex girlfriend Alice and told as a poetic play by play of how they got together. This is the second part of the series and features their first kiss the initial episode was released in 2011 and features Foonyap off of the album Mayor of a ghost town://:Albino Panthers.
    This cut for time comedy piece with RapX as 2 perplexed delivery drivers, was meant to set the idea and tone of Enter the Muscle Castle. In the background is Micah performing “Crashing a Cop Party” a country jam he wrote with Cody Swinkles of Empty Heads and Nicolas Field of La Luna (Nicolas is a former RapX performance member featured in the music video, Not worth Hating.)
    9)Diamond honey
    Controlled cacophony, the idea, slap our knees together like a horse train or a rain storm, then drive it all the way home.
    10)Mr. Muscles
    Bombastic flangey snare and semi-conscious synth being strangled by Scott's beefy hands while Micah is learning to brag.
    11)Mangled Rectangles
    We are not sure where this came from or why it exists but we know it's us and it sure is cute.
    12)Laugh all you want
    This is the first ever “rap” that Micah wrote circa 2010 the song was recorded 2 years later and Scott always disliked it, not that Micah was a huge fan. You're lucky to have this. Listen to our vulnerability.
    13)Stone age circuit board
    This song is underwater, it's like a fish dirge.
    14)Rick O’Shea
    Squeaky clean Sonics for the advanced poetic paranoid.
    This track is called Larry because it was produced by Larry McDowell. We did a live jam with Scott on tambo and Micah sorta nailing his longest verse on the second take.
    Thanks for the listen please take the time to check out the first 2 albums and if you're a fan thanks for sticking up for 2 dudes asking tough questions in a weird way.
    All the best love.
    Scott and Micah
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released June 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Rap X Calgary, Alberta

Rap X is produced by Scott (Monty) Munro of the band Preoccupations, the lyrics are by poet Micah Stone. The songs are rap that attacks itself, to root out the homophobia and sexism that has been inserted by glorifying pimp culture. The tone is a simple calm assertion that we've been doing it wrong, that rap needs to wake up and get out of the strip club go home and give their partner a back rub. ... more

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